Monday, October 09, 2006

The first nine days

Thanks to everyone who's visited this site since its official launch a week and two days ago. Thanks, too, for your comments, linkage, and constructive criticism. The reviews have been mixed, which is about what I expected. But Nevermind the Bibles is getting its buzz on, thanks to all you kind strangers out there. This site's even been mentioned in a bona fide "punk" forum. (My favorite quote from there: "christians make everything lame." I think I'll find a use for it somewhere, perhaps as a testimonial.)

Anyway. Coming soon:
  • Chapter 1: Riding with the New Church (bonus points for anyone who knows the song that title refers to)

  • PDF versions of the Preface, Intro and Chapter 1.

  • Link love back to those who have linked to this site. Look for your blog on the blogroll in the coming days.
Again, thanks for reading, critiquing, encouraging and prodding. As they say at the end of the AA meetings, "Keep coming back."

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