Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Fun fun, oh baby: 'Brats on the Beat'

Since I'm not writing anything, I might as well post stuff like this:

New from Go-Kart Records, it's Brats on the Beat: Ramones for Kids. As Pitchfork reports, the album is a gathering of "some of the most semi-recognizable names in the pop-punk world to turn in their own child-friendly renditions of Ramones songs."
Alkaline Trio's Matt Skiba, the Donnas' Brett Anderson, Pennywise's Jim Lindberg, TSOL's Jack Grisham, Bouncing Souls' Greg Attonito, the Dwarves' Blag Dahlia, and former Queens of the Stone Age member Nick Oliveri all appear on the compilation, which Go-Kart will release this coming Tuesday, November 21. Jennifer Precious Finch of L7 and the Shocker produced the affair.

The twist is that the punkers only sing lead; for all of the choruses and background vocals, they are joined by the Gabba Gabba Hey Singers, i.e. a bunch of kids. And to make things even weirder, "California Sun" and "Spiderman" aren't even Ramones originals!
It's all for a good cause, as a portion of the sales proceeds go to St. Jude's Children's Hospitals.

Actually, there's another good cause.The MySpace site reports:

On November 21, 2006 Go-kart Records will release Brats On The Beat: Ramones For Kids.

Are you a parent, aunt or uncle or older sibling who is sick of watching children suffer by being forced to listen to Barney, Rafi or The Wiggles? Well, Brats On The Beat: Ramones For Kids is here to save the day!
Fun fun, oh baby.

(Hat tip: Thunderstruck.)

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